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Friends of the Ira and Asenath Sturdevant House

The Ira and Asenath Sturdevant House: A Living History Project has many friends, supporters, and donors.

Sturdevant House by Catherine Grant.

Catherine Grant is a Co-founder of the Friends of The Ira and Asenath Sturdevant House. As an artist and art teacher, Catherine has also designed a set of remarkable drawings of the house and its features to help with our publicity materials. Catherine writes:

My support for the Sturdevant home project stems from my many summers in Waverly. Every summer we would escape the heat of South Texas to spend time with my grandparents who lived just across the river from the Sturdevant home. On our frequent evening drives the home was always pointed out as being the oldest home in Waverly. I was, therefore, delighted when given the opportunity to do what I could to support this project. I still make several trips a year to Waverly now visiting my sister and mother. Much of what I remember from my youth is gone, most recently the home of my grandparents. But, the Sturdevant house stands. I hope the residents of Waverly will join together to preserve this important piece of their history.

Sturdevant House by Catherine Grant.

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