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Board of Directors

Kris Brunkhorst, Vice-Chair

Kris Brunkhorst is a three term member of  Waverly's Historic Preservation Commission; designed a walking tour of the historic southwest district; is a former chair of Heritage Days; a past  volunteer for the Bremer County Historical Society Museum; worked on the Hazardous Mitigation Committee, and with the AmeriCorps flood salvage efforts in Waverly in 2008; was a founder of the Rail Trail Committee, and Historian for the Waverly Garden Club. She is the wife of former Mayor and State Rep./Sen. Bob Brunkhorst.

Elizabeth Hartman

Elizabeth Hartman is a former city councilwoman and zoning commissioner; a co-founder of the Historic Preservation Commission, Save the Oak, and Trees Forever; a former member of the Development Design Committee and the Board of Adjustment; and a co-founder of the “Big Six” Preservation Committee, for which she is still a board member and city liaison.

Teri Heimann, Treasurer

Teri Heimann has been a treasurer for multiple organizations, a leader of Boy and Girl Scouts of America, and, as a direct descendant of Ira Sturdevant, is a Sturdevant family genealogist.

Michael Jahnke

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Terry Lindell, Ph.D.

Terry Lindell, as a long-time Wartburg history professor, has been active in local and cemetery history, serving ten years on the Historic Preservation Commission, as well as a member (and current vice president) of the Bremer County Historical Society, and a member of multiple sesquicentennial committees (Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa, and now the Civil War for the State Historical Society of Iowa.

Barbara Lovejoy-Hess

Barbara Lovejoy-Hess was a co-founder of the Historic Preservation Commission, an officer of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, a member of Save the Oak and Trees Forever, and, as a direct descendant of Ira Sturdevant, also brings to the project her expertise in interior design and furniture restoration as well as serving as the on-site board representative.

Katherine Scott Sturdevant, Chair

Katherine Scott Sturdevant is a Colorado history professor and preservationist (formerly a Historical Editor for the State Historical Society of Iowa) who initiated the campaign to save the Ira Sturdevant House, protect it from demolition, and achieve a State Historical Society grant and eligibility for the National Trust, as well as listing on the Waverly Historic Preservation register, a partnership with Preservation Iowa, and application for its own non-profit status.

Rick Sturdevant, Ph.D., Board Historian

Rick Sturdevant is the Deputy Director of the Air Force Space Command History Office, at Peterson AFB, in Colorado Springs (a job that requires archival, research, writing, preservation expertise), and grew up in Waverly, as a direct descendant of Ira Sturdevant, to be a family historian who retains the archive of his grandfather Frank Sturdevant (recognized as Waverly’s great unofficial historian, genealogist, and town-and-cemetery preservationist).

Some direct descendants of Ira Sturdevant (after a Board meeting): Doug Lovejoy, Barb Lovejoy-Hess, Teri Heimann-Lovejoy, Pam Sturdevant DeFranza, and Rick Sturdevant.

Kris Brunkhorst and family in front of Ira Sturdevant House 

Terry Lindell on the Sturdevant House porch.

Rick Sturdevant, Duane Liddle, and Terry Lindell.

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